TSoH, Naked – The Podcast, episode 4

Can you get more white than a pair of German rap stars?  Well, during this episode of “Naked”, we try to find out.  We thought it was exciting, and our guests, TSoH members from another life, were excitable, too.  They are currently known as The German Brothers and we had a great time talking with them.

TSoH, Annual Holiday Podcast, 2012

OH, DEAR GOD, WHAT HAVE WE DONE!?  This is our first ever, annual holiday special.  Well, we hope that it becomes an annual show, that is if we don’t get kicked off the Internet for this one.  We share a few drinks, attempt to develop our holiday song repertoire (ATTEMPT is the operative word here), and have a couple of “special guests” sing their favorite Christmas song.  So, to maximize your listening experience, curl up with someone special in front of a nice warm fire (or video of a fire) and have a few warm drinks (with alcohol in them), you’ll need it…